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Plantation Shutter Plans

There are many different plantation shutter plans to choose from when it comes to the design of dwelling structures, be it residential or commercial,   The choices are expansive, so it can be difficult in choosing the right plan to fit a specific décor.

At Blinds and Shutters Plus, we strive to help you choose the right look and functionality relative to the design of your home or place of work.

The following are some ideas that can help one choose from the many plantation shutter plans relative to three of the most popular decorating styles:

1. Transitional
2. Rustic
3. Traditional


Combining the past with the future, but blending it into an elegant fashion that flows with harmony (Fayetteville, Arkansas).

The transitional style combines the décor of both the traditional and contemporary into a continuous flow. It blends the natural warmth of a traditional design with the clean horizontal and vertical lines of the contemporary.

This style is about, “meeting in the middle” that gives the, “best of both worlds.” One can enjoy the comfort of the traditional style, but yet update with current decorating trends to reflect something more modern.  The results produce a transitional harmony of decorative graciousness.

Plantation shutters are an excellent choice that accentuates this style. It flows with the accommodating plantation shutter plan.  The key is choosing the right color and matching slat size.


When it comes to plantation shutter plans, the rustic look has a style that brings interaction with the woods (Bentonville, Arkansas).

The rustic style has connotations attributed to that which is ”woodsy” or even “country.”  Think of log cabins, barns, stained wood, etc. This cozy decor has a very characteristic look and feel relative to organic textures, shapes, and “country” warmth. It is popular for one can bring the décor of, “Little House on the Prairie” right into your home or business establishment in the middle of the city.

This style has an elegance of its’ own because for it takes the beauty of nature and brings it right into your home or business. This is an excellent way to have more of a genuine feeling to combat the constant digital and virtual world that we live in. Rustic interiors portray something that is tangible and real.

Typically a wood stain look gives a great choice amid the many plantation shutter ideas.  There many varieties to choose from popular stains like mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, walnut etc.


Décor that is more predictable and easy to create (Bella Vista, Arkansas).

The traditional décor sometimes gets a negative reputation because it is “a thing of the past” or "outdated." However, this is where the character lies for in many respects the past is the key to the future.

Traditional means just that.  It is more familiar and predictable, However, there are still a variety of furnishings, complementary colors and diversity with this style.

In selecting a color from the various plantation shutter plans that compliment this; traditional interiors are typically the whites, creams and alabaster color schemes.  Most of the homes that are built in the United States of America exhibit these colors on a consistent basis within the confines of a traditional style. And as such, to keep the décor flowing, matching these neutral color schemes is important. This aids in the unbroken fluidity with the remainder of the traditional setting.

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